Vote For Us in the 2014 TLA Cult Awards!

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Hey there, lovers. We’re pretty fucking flabbergasted that we were nominated for a best blog award but sure enough, there it sits in full technicolor on TLA Cult’s website. (No, we have not been blowing the guys over at TLA, especially not Dan who we believe might be involved in a criminal conspiracy to keep The Church of Splatter-Day Saints down…more on that another time)

Since we’ll never get one of our smarmy quotes on a DVD cover, why not take a minute to vote for us? You can click on this handy clicky-banner thing and be magically transported to TLA’s website where you can vote for your favorite movies, directors, skin flicks, and most important of all….our blog.

You can vote as often as you like and odds are if you’re reading this now you’re probably not real pressed for time so by all means VOTE HARD!

If we win we will celebrate by dancing with demons in the moonlight while bathing in the blood of those we’ve bested!

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Duane co-founded The Church of Splatter-Day Saints in 2005. When not immersed in film he's enjoying good whiskey, smoking meat in the backyard or thinking about sluts. He makes a damn fine habanero fire sauce.

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