The Psycho Lover (aka The Loving Touch) (Robert Vincent O’Neill, 1970)

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Marco likes to break into women’s homes, rape and kill them by strangling them with a stocking (HOT).  Dr. Kenneth Alden (Lawrence Montaigne; Deadly Blessing)   is his shrink. Upon discovering that Marco seems to commit these crimes in a perceived dream state, he decides to brainwash him and have him murder his estranged wife. Mayhem and ugly girls dancing ensues.


Entertaining as it is, The Psycho Lover sports a paper thin plot that even admits to borrowing the idea from The Manchurian Candidate. That doesn’t make it any less entertaining as we follow the exploits of Marco at great length as he rapes and kills women with reckless abandon (one scene even boasts a necrophilia segment – albeit very tame; another alludes to a dead girl having a ketchup bottled rammed up her cooch). Equally entertaining is Dr. Alden tooling around in his gold moon car when he’s not banging his girlfriend or pretentiously talking about his moon car. Rape, kill, moon car. It seems formulaic but Robert Vincent O’Neill’s (Blood Mania) The Psycho Lover is actually a pretty adequate time waster packed full of naked sluts getting strangled by their underthings and dancing around like naked fools (not necessarily in that order). If only the poor victims could have figured out Marco’s Achilles heel: throw something at/in his face and he’s fucked up for at least 5 minutes. Doesn’t matter what it is, but it happens in every murder scene. And the bitch still bites it. Ladies – when you have stunned your assailant, make sure you take the time to incapacitate him so he doesn’t just grab you again and finish the job. Jesus, it’s like they WANT to get raped and killed (I may be onto something here… whoever said women are hard to figure out?). The-Psycho-Lover-25284-2529
ANYWAY! The Psycho Lover is plenty sleazy but I’m pretty sure they spent most of the budget on that fucking retarded moon car and the doctor’s fucking speedboat. Oh and his humongous wardrobe of gay sweaters. The rape/kill sequences are plenty satisfying but are sadly interrupted by a lot of pointless musings by inept police or Dr. Alden romancing the fuck out of his girlfriend (I mean bringing her flowers and shit, not slipping her the sausage) and the film (obviously) tends to drag in these areas. The cinematography also thinks it’s very clever – filming scenes of stilted, pointless dialogue through a murky fish tank or one of the attack scenes above the walls so it appears one is viewing it in a large dollhouse (not as cool as it sounds) – but it proves to be a bit overambitious and just seemed out of place for a film of this caliber.
Despite the padding, The Psycho Lover is a satisfying bit of exploitation that most genre fans will appreciate on one level or another. Tits, rape, foaming at the mouth… lots to enjoy here.
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