The Night of the Sorcerers (La Noche De Los Brujos) (Amando de Ossorio, 1974)

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A group of researchers travel to Africa to determine the cause of the strange disappearance of elephants in the area. With their sluts in tow they soon discover the truth; a voodoo tribe resurrects itself nightly complete with vampiric leopard girls.
If that’s not enough to lure you then this genre of film just isn’t for you. Amando de Ossorio (La Endemoniada, Las Garras de Lorelei, The Blind Dead quadrilogy) is definitely no stranger to these pages, as he’s long been a Church favorite for many years. Ossorio has consistently made a great number of excellent genre films and The Night of the Sorcerers is yet another example of the man’s ability to entertain.  The premise is nothing if not imaginative: an African voodoo tribe captures hot sluts, ties them, whips them till their clothes fall off and then beheads them only to have them rise as leopards by day and bikini-clad vampires at night. Our intrepid researchers serve as – you guessed it – the next victims. Ok so it’s not particularly deep but that’s the beauty of it; it’s not trying to be. What’s presented to you is an entertaining 90ish minutes of hot naked sluts, blood, decapitation, and fucking. What more could you possibly want?
The bevy of beauties on display don’t leave anything to the imagination, which is par for the course with Ossorio. Genre vets Kali Hansa (La Endemoniada, The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff), María Kosti (Night of the Seagulls, Exorcismo), Loreta Tovar (Return of the Evil Dead, The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff), and Bárbara Rey (The Ghost Galleon) will titillate viewers with their slutty antics as they strut about in all manner of undress before and after their fateful transformations.
Ossorio once again shows his proclivity toward long slow-motion scenes as the vampire girls spend plenty of time gallivanting through the jungle in  floaty, dream-like sequences as they give chase or search for fresh victims for the voodoo cult. As tedious as that may seem it’s really all part of Ossorio’s charm as it instantly brings to mind the brilliant slow-motion segments from his Blind Dead series as the Knights Templar chase down many a nubile young female victim while on horseback, although it’s far less grandiose in The Night of the Sorcerers.
The sets are pretty much limited to the research camp and the clearing where the voodoo tribe performs its bloody rituals (complete with some of the most unenthused tribal dancing EVER), both being convincing enough to work but not particularly awe-inspiring. As for the violence, there’s plenty to love here including vampiresses drinking from a female victim while her blood flows freely down the front of her near-naked body, and a rape gone horribly wrong. The beheading scenes are passable and quite satisfying. Expect a lot of the standard shambling zombie vs. rifle-toting macho men action as well, although these zombies seem more interested in just standing there getting shot than anything else.
A somewhat bizarre concept turns into a lot of fun when naked girls and blood are involved. Amando de Ossorio certainly knew his way around a camera; for many years his unique style and vision have been influential and revered for good reason.  The Night of the Sorcerers gets a lot of unnecessary criticism due to its inherent silliness, but despite its lack of chills all the standard Ossorio trappings are present.
The Night of the Sorcerers comes highly recommended for fans of Spanish/Euro horror/sleaze. If you’re new to Ossorio’s work, it’s not a bad place to start, but it does pale when compared to his Blind Dead legacy.
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