Lust For Freedom (Eric Louzil, 1987)

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After a drug bust goes bad, an undercover female cop gets framed and imprisoned by a corrupt sheriff. On the inside she is forced to endure all manner of abuse and degradation, but nothing can deter her lust for freedom! … Continued

House on Straw Hill (aka Trauma, Exposé) (James Kenelm Clarke, 1976)

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A reclusive writer struggling to piece together his second novel enlists the help of a young female secretary to assist him. He soon falls into a quagmire of lust, debauchery and murder. Here’s yet another film to have landed on … Continued

Contraband (aka Luca Il Contrabbandiere) (Lucio Fulci, 1980)

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Cigarette smugglers get fucked up when a rival crime boss starts pushing drugs on their turf. The film centers on one of the mafia Capos, Luca (Fabio Testi; What Have You Done to Solange?, Four of the Apocalypse), who has … Continued

Angel in Red (aka Uncaged) (Lisa Hunt, 1991)

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An exceptionally abusive pimp terrorizes a group of whores on LA’s Sunset Strip. After he beats one of them to death the other girls band together to put an end to it once and for all. Ah, whores. Nary has … Continued

Vice Squad (Gary Sherman, 1982)

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A hooker gets forced into teaming up with vice detectives to catch an out of control pimp who’s killed his last prostitute. Vice Squad is one of those movies that I can pop in pretty much any time and enjoy. … Continued

Streets (Katt Shea, 1990)

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A psycho motorcycle cop terrorizes a young prostitute in Venice, California after his attempt to rape her is thwarted by a young runaway. Knowing she can identify him, he will do whatever it takes to find and eliminate her after … Continued

Madness (aka Vacanze Per Un Massacro) (Fernando Di Leo, 1980)

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A violent escaped convict returns to the place where he stashed a bag of stolen money, only to discover a group of people vacationing at the hiding spot. In this lackluster exploitation entry from Fernando Di Leo (Naked Violence, The … Continued

Giallo in Venice (Giallo a Venezia) (Mario Landi, 1979)

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When a husband and wife are discovered murdered on the shores of Venice, it’s up to a hard-boiled detective to determine who committed the heinous act as the bodies continue to pile up in increasingly deplorable ways. This one surprised … Continued

Out For Justice (John Flynn, 1991)

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Steven Seagal stars as Det. Gino Felino, a bad-ass cop who knows all about life on both sides of the law. After the in-cold-blood murder of his partner he goes on a manhunt to track down the crack-head pseudo-mafioso responsible. … Continued

Stripped to Kill (Katt Shea, 1987)

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When a female detective finds a lesbian stripper murdered and set on fire she does what any good cop would do and goes undercover to crack the case. With the help of her too-cool-for-rules partner, the not-so-dynamic duo battle sexual … Continued

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