The Cannibal Man (aka La Semana Del Asesino, L’appartamento del 13° piano) (Eloy de la Iglesia, 1971)

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After accidentally killing a cab driver while protecting his fiancée, a young man spirals further and further into a web of murder in an effort to cover up his crime. As much as the overly sensationalistic international title would like … Continued

House on Straw Hill (aka Trauma, Exposé) (James Kenelm Clarke, 1976)

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A reclusive writer struggling to piece together his second novel enlists the help of a young female secretary to assist him. He soon falls into a quagmire of lust, debauchery and murder. Here’s yet another film to have landed on … Continued

Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (William Asher, 1982)

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Susan Tyrrell chews up the screen as a domineering and perverse aunt who’ll stop at nothing to keep her ever-growing nephew from leaving the warmth of her psychotic bosom.  All you need to do is answer one question: Can you … Continued

Don’t Go in the Woods (James Bryan, 1981)

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A feral hobo is killing campers in a forested mountain area that’s absolutely crawling with imbeciles and wastes of skin. Cult classic my hairy ass. Only if your definition of such includes horrible acting, pathetic dialogue, basement level gore effects … Continued

Visiting Hours (Jean-Claude Lord, 1982)

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The controversial blatherings of an outspoken talk show host attract the homicidal attentions of a local nutjob who takes offense to her advocating women’s rights to defend themselves. When his assault on her is unsuccessful, he tracks her down at … Continued

Bloody Moon (aka Die Säge des Todes) (Jesús Franco, 1981)

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Girls are going missing at a Spanish language school, and it is feared that they have come to a grisly end. Could there be murder afoot or are the “victims” all correctly assumed to just be off blowing the local … Continued

Evilspeak (aka Computer Murders) (Eric Weston, 1981)

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The nerdy outcast in a military academy finds a way to summon the powers of Satan through his computer. Yes, you read that right. Tormentors will be damned! Hogs will feast on human flesh! A set of funky, deformed titties … Continued

Pranks (aka The Dorm That Dripped Blood, Death Dorm) (Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow, 1982) – Part 1 in a series of collaborative Love/Hate Reviews

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We thought that doing Love/Hate reviews might be something fun and challenging for us to take on but our tastes are so similar that the idea pretty much fizzled out as fast as it came. As luck would have it, … Continued

Night School (Ken Hughes, 1981)

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A leather-clad, helmeted maniac is beheading female students in and around a local Boston college campus with a kukri.  Could it be the shifty anthropology professor with a penchant for banging his students? What about the sex-crazed retard that works … Continued

SS Hell Camp (aka The Beast in Heat) (Luigi Batzella, 1977)

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A slutty female SS Officer/scientist (Macha Magall; The Daughter of Emanuelle) creates a grotesque half man/half beast creature (Salvatore Baccaro; The Virgo, The Taurus, and the Capricorn; Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks) that is kept in a cage and fed captive … Continued

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