Cementerio del Terror (aka Cemetery of Terror) (Rubén Galindo Jr., 1985)

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A group of teens revive a recently deceased serial killer via a mysterious book of rituals found in an abandoned house. Teenagers are stupid.  I went into this having very low expectations – trash and sleaze being an almost every … Continued

Date Bait (O’Dale Ireland, 1960)  

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A teen couple runs into trouble when the girl’s ex-boyfriend returns home from rehab and takes exception to her dating another lad. Car chases, switchblades and awkward dance sessions ensue. O’Dale Ireland returns after the not-so-classic High School Caesar with … Continued

Night of the Creeps (Fred Dekker, 1986)

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Alien space-slugs invade a college campus during rush week. There’s an awesome 50s backstory, it’s got Tom Atkins and it’s probably the most fun you’ll have watching a horror movie. Did I mention Tom Atkins? That’s right. Tom. Motherfucking. Atkins. … Continued

Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 2 (1991)

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Ep 1 “Beach Blanket Brandon” – Brenda thinks Dylan knocked her up and breaks up with him. An inconclusive pregnancy test and one gynecologist appointment later: she’s not pregnant but does cry a lot. Brandon ditches the Pit and gets … Continued