The Love Cult (Barry Mahon, 1966)

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A down on his luck television hypnotist starts a sex cult to bilk people out of their hard earned cash and bang sluts.  American war hero turned director Barry Mahon was definitely no stranger to sleazy cinema, having been behind … Continued

Death Curse of Tartu (William Grefe, 1966)

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A group of archaeology students have an impromptu dance party on the burial mound of a long-dead Indian witch-doctor in the Florida everglades. What do YOU think happens? I was going to title this piece “Death Curse of Tartu OR … Continued

Date Bait (O’Dale Ireland, 1960)  

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A teen couple runs into trouble when the girl’s ex-boyfriend returns home from rehab and takes exception to her dating another lad. Car chases, switchblades and awkward dance sessions ensue. O’Dale Ireland returns after the not-so-classic High School Caesar with … Continued

White Slaves of Chinatown (Joseph P. Mawra, 1964)

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Olga, a sadistic member of a powerful crime syndicate recruits young women who are out of their element, brainwashing and getting them hooked on drugs in order to force them to sell their bodies and traffic drugs for her profit … Continued

Take Me Naked (Michael and Roberta Findlay, 1966)

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A naked slut rolls around with other naked sluts while a bum peeps on her from across the street in his tenement apartment between bouts of unconsciousness and drinking. What in the holy fuck. The DVD cover promised homicidal rage! … Continued

Heat of Madness (Harry Wuest, 1966)

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A reclusive smut photographer and a naïve young girl meet and soon decide to marry. When the young lady tries to help her new fiancée land a job at a prestigious advertising firm, tensions mount as the man chooses to … Continued

A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine (Byron Mabe, 1966)

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Sharon, a dirty slut who likes to toy with men and women alike, enjoys  leading people on until they think they’re actually going to get to go all the way with her before she yells “RAPE!” with increasingly disastrous consequences. … Continued

The Psycho Lover (aka The Loving Touch) (Robert Vincent O’Neill, 1970)

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Marco likes to break into women’s homes, rape and kill them by strangling them with a stocking (HOT).  Dr. Kenneth Alden (Lawrence Montaigne; Deadly Blessing)   is his shrink. Upon discovering that Marco seems to commit these crimes in a perceived … Continued

Night of the Bloody Apes (René Cardona, 1969) – Part 3 in a series of collaborative monster rape reviews

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When a sketchy doctor learns that his son is dying from leukemia, he naturally decides to replace his son’s blood with that of a gorilla’s (well, what would YOU do?). Problem is, everyone knows that gorilla blood is too fucking … Continued

Teenage Gang Debs (Sande N. Johnsen, 1966)

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A devious girl from Manhattan moves in on a gang from Brooklyn and soon has them fighting amongst themselves and rumbling with rival gangs needlessly in an attempt to sate her unquenchable thirst for power. Not a lot of meat … Continued

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