Cementerio del Terror (aka Cemetery of Terror) (Rubén Galindo Jr., 1985)

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A group of teens revive a recently deceased serial killer via a mysterious book of rituals found in an abandoned house. Teenagers are stupid.  I went into this having very low expectations – trash and sleaze being an almost every … Continued

Recap! Rewind! Redux! July 2015

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Satan’s Blade (L. Scott Castillo Jr., 1984) – This rambling attempt to capitalize upon the early 80s slasher boom couldn’t be more of a mess. The plot involves a bank robbery which awkwardly leads into some bullshit about an evil … Continued

The Centerfold Girls (John Peyser, 1974)

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  A psychopathic serial killer butchers women who appeared nude in a girlie magazine – and anyone else who gets in his way.  More exploitation flick than slasher and too overt to be approaching giallo territory, John Peyser’s The Centerfold … Continued

He Knows You’re Alone (aka Blood Wedding) (Armand Mastroianni, 1980)

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Brides-to-be in Staten Island are getting bumped off by some wacko with matrimonial issues and a penchant for poking sluts with a knife. You gotta love that title. The general consensus on He Knows You’re Alone seems to be poor, … Continued

Midnight (John A. Russo, 1982)

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A girl hitch-hiking away from her lecherous step-daddy runs afoul of some backwoods Satanists in this low-budget, pedestrian outing. Hardcore Romero nerds rejoice. Duane: This is one that’s been on my “to watch” list for a while now, so admittedly … Continued

So Sweet, So Dead (aka Rivelazioni Di Un Maniaco Sessuale Al Capo Della Squadra Mobile, Bad Girls, Penetration, The Slasher… is the Sex Maniac!) (Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1972)

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A maniac is killing married women who have been unfaithful, leaving pictures of their sordid affairs at the scene of the crime. Slut-flesh meeting cold steel ensues. Roberto Bianchi Montero’s much overlooked little giallo owes a lot to Mario Bava’s … Continued

The Prowler (aka Rosemary’s Killer) (Joseph Zito, 1981)

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A mysterious killer returns after a 35 year hiatus and terrorizes a small town at the annual spring dance. Sluts rue the day they were born.  Joseph Zito’s (Bloodrage, Friday the 13th part IV: The Final Chapter) third film is … Continued

Savage Weekend (David Paulsen, John Mason Kirby, 1979)

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We’ve been wanting to hook up with our buddy Murph’ from Basement Screams to write a joint review for awhile, unfortunately scheduling conflicts plagued the process until now.  Of course, we wanted to do something new to all of us so in … Continued

Happy Hell Night (Brian Owens, 1992)

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A group of frat boys are butchered by a priest-turned-devil’s-disciple. Captured and put away in a mental asylum, the evil priest is released from captivity 25 years later due to a prank gone awry by the selfsame fraternity. Now the … Continued

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