Streets (Katt Shea, 1990)

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A psycho motorcycle cop terrorizes a young prostitute in Venice, California after his attempt to rape her is thwarted by a young runaway. Knowing she can identify him, he will do whatever it takes to find and eliminate her after … Continued

Out For Justice (John Flynn, 1991)

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Steven Seagal stars as Det. Gino Felino, a bad-ass cop who knows all about life on both sides of the law. After the in-cold-blood murder of his partner he goes on a manhunt to track down the crack-head pseudo-mafioso responsible. … Continued

The Mutilator (aka Fall Break) (Buddy Cooper, 1985)

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While cleaning his Daddy’s rifle as a surprise birthday present, young Ed accidentally blows his Mom away. Pops isn’t so forgiving and years later calls upon his son to close down the isolated beach house they own. Ed takes his friends … Continued