Buio Omega (aka Beyond the Darkness) (Joe D’Amato, 1979)

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Gore? Check. Necrophilia? Check. Adult breastfeeding? Check. Torture? Check. Cannibalism? Check. Depraved love & obsession? Check. This little transgressive horror ‘sploiter will knock your dick in the dirt! Duane: Ah, Buio Omega. Arguably one of D’Amato’s most notorious films that … Continued

The Centerfold Girls (John Peyser, 1974)

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  A psychopathic serial killer butchers women who appeared nude in a girlie magazine – and anyone else who gets in his way.  More exploitation flick than slasher and too overt to be approaching giallo territory, John Peyser’s The Centerfold … Continued

Unearthing the Truth – Serial Killer Biopics Part I: John Wayne Gacy, Jr.

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Like many of you twisted little turds out there I enjoy reading up on true crime and serial killers. We all know how hard it is to find a decent movie period let alone one that focuses on a subject … Continued

Night of Death! (aka La Nuit de la Mort!) (Raphaël Delpard, 1980)

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A young lady accepts a nursing job at a creepy old age home where everyone is seemingly crazy or cantankerous or both. When the girl she was hired to assist goes missing, she slowly starts to discover that something very … Continued

The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer (David R. Bowen,1993)

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  This is a fictionalized, low-budget but surprisingly well-done true-crime story of the notorious serial killer, cannibal and necrophile: Jeffrey Dahmer.  Apartment 213 in the house, yo! I have a history with this movie. It started out innocently enough in … Continued