Future-Kill (Ronald W. Moore, 1985)

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A group of entitled frat boy douchebags venture into the inner city to capture an anti-nuke protester as a prank to atone for their zany college antics. When they run into a violent member of the group, they flee with … Continued

Pranks (aka The Dorm That Dripped Blood, Death Dorm) (Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow, 1982) – Part 1 in a series of collaborative Love/Hate Reviews

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We thought that doing Love/Hate reviews might be something fun and challenging for us to take on but our tastes are so similar that the idea pretty much fizzled out as fast as it came. As luck would have it, … Continued

Blood Sisters (Roberta Findlay, 1987)

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A group of sorority pledges have to stay in a “haunted” abandoned whorehouse as part of their initiation into stupidity. Are the strange happenings there just a good ol’ fashioned college prank courtesy of Sigma Phi or have the ghosts … Continued