Malabimba: The Malicious Whore (Andrea Bianchi, 1979)

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  A sixteen year old girl is possessed by what appears to be the evil spirit of her deceased mother. Her recent lascivious behavior causes all manner of problems for her family as they struggle with financial issues and a … Continued

Witchboard (Kevin Tenney, 1986)

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A woman becomes obsessed with a friend’s Ouija board after he leaves it behind during a party. More accurately, some slut’s pedantic ex-boyfriend tries to school everyone at a party when he busts out the Ouija Board that he just … Continued

Seeding of a Ghost (Chuan Yang, 1983)

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A taxi driver in Hong Kong is cursed for “interrupting black magic” after he hits a sorcerer with his cab. When his lascivious wife is raped, beaten and killed, he seeks out the sorcerer to lift the curse and exact … Continued

The Antichrist (aka L’anticristo) (Alberto De Martino, 1974)

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A troubled, paralyzed woman becomes easy prey for the Devil in this Italian Exorcist knock-off.   What do you get when you cross Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone, Joe D’Amato, Alberto De Martino, Mel Ferrer and Carla Gravina?  Mmmhmm. One of … Continued

Evilspeak (aka Computer Murders) (Eric Weston, 1981)

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The nerdy outcast in a military academy finds a way to summon the powers of Satan through his computer. Yes, you read that right. Tormentors will be damned! Hogs will feast on human flesh! A set of funky, deformed titties … Continued

976-EVIL (Robert Englund, 1988)

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A 976 ‘horrorscope’ line is actually a direct dial to the Devil for an awkward teen who’s tired of being pushed around. Hot 80’s pumps, sex, death and one fantastically entertaining religious zealot later and you have a fun way … Continued

Ninja III: The Domination (Sam Firstenberg, 1984)

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An evil ninja kills a scientist for no reason and then annihilates a shit-ton of cops. His love of devilry refuses to let him perish so at the moment of his physical death he transports his nefarious ninja spirit into … Continued

Byleth – El Demonio Del Incesto (Leopoldo Savona, 1972)

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In a small European town, licentious girls are being murdered via three curious puncture marks to the throat.  A young Duke returns to his ancestral estate to find that his sister whom he wants to bang with great ferocity has … Continued

REC 3: Genesis (Paco Plaza, 2012)

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A couple’s wedding day is ruined when the guests contract a strange illness that turns them into murderous, bloodthirsty fiends. That’s pretty much it. But if you think about it… a lot of horror films have been established on thinner … Continued

La Endemoniada (aka The Possessed, Demon Witch Child) (Amando de Ossorio, 1975)

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When an old Gypsy witch kills herself to avoid prosecution by police regarding a missing child, she takes possession of a young girl (after having one of her Gypsies give her Satan’s dildo) and continues her evil deeds. Soon a … Continued