Recap! Rewind! Redux! July 2015

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Satan’s Blade (L. Scott Castillo Jr., 1984) – This rambling attempt to capitalize upon the early 80s slasher boom couldn’t be more of a mess. The plot involves a bank robbery which awkwardly leads into some bullshit about an evil … Continued

Massage Parlor Murders (aka Massage Parlor Hookers) (Chester Fox, Alex Stevens, 1973)

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A serial killer is frequenting seedy massage parlors in NYC and murdering whores plying their trade. Sounds awesome, right? Chances are you were hooked by the title alone (I know I was)… the truth is, this little known sickie  isn’t … Continued

976-EVIL (Robert Englund, 1988)

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A 976 ‘horrorscope’ line is actually a direct dial to the Devil for an awkward teen who’s tired of being pushed around. Hot 80’s pumps, sex, death and one fantastically entertaining religious zealot later and you have a fun way … Continued

A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine (Byron Mabe, 1966)

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Sharon, a dirty slut who likes to toy with men and women alike, enjoys  leading people on until they think they’re actually going to get to go all the way with her before she yells “RAPE!” with increasingly disastrous consequences. … Continued