Island Claws (Hernan Cardenas, 1980)

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Killer crabs take over a small island community. There’s a leaking nuclear power plant and lab geeks using growth hormones but whitey is convinced that it’s those damn Haitians and their voodoo causing all the mayhem!  I’ll be the first … Continued

Future-Kill (Ronald W. Moore, 1985)

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A group of entitled frat boy douchebags venture into the inner city to capture an anti-nuke protester as a prank to atone for their zany college antics. When they run into a violent member of the group, they flee with … Continued

The Being (Jackie Kong, 1983)

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Toxic waste dumped in an Idaho waterway causes a missing boy to turn into a hideous mutant freak that wreaks havoc on then local citizenry. Also: they sell RC Cola at the local diner. From Jackie Kong, the director of … Continued

Forbidden World (aka Mutant) (Allan Holzman, 1982)

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A space cop dude arrives at a research lab on a distant planet where the scientists there have had an experiment go awry (surprise!). The mutated flesh thing runs amok and wrecks shit. Laser guns, boobies and high heels ensue. … Continued