Recap! Rewind! Redux! July 2015

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Satan’s Blade (L. Scott Castillo Jr., 1984) – This rambling attempt to capitalize upon the early 80s slasher boom couldn’t be more of a mess. The plot involves a bank robbery which awkwardly leads into some bullshit about an evil … Continued

Killing American Style (Amir Shervan, 1990)

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Robert Z’Dar stars (that’s really all we need to say here) as the leader of the most idiotic gang of thugs to ever rob a payroll, plan a prison-bus breakout and take a family hostage. You can actually taste the … Continued

Out For Justice (John Flynn, 1991)

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Steven Seagal stars as Det. Gino Felino, a bad-ass cop who knows all about life on both sides of the law. After the in-cold-blood murder of his partner he goes on a manhunt to track down the crack-head pseudo-mafioso responsible. … Continued

Revenge of the Ninja (Sam Firstenberg, 1983)

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When a Japanese ninja master’s family is slain by rogue ninjas with red headbands, he decides to take his son and relocate to America where nothing bad ever happens to anybody. When he is betrayed by his best friend involving … Continued