The Church Flakes Out: An Introspective Retrospective on Recent Film Observations (Part Three)

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I’ve neglected this place for months & it’s time to rear my Medusa like head just long enough to shit out a new retrospective.  Forgive me, my inadequacies. – Love, Nom Toys Are Not For Children (Stanley Brassloff; 1972) Attack … Continued

The Church Flakes Out: An Introspective Retrospective on Recent Film Observations (Part Two)

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I’ve been wrestling with apathy the last several months so here’s about the most give-a-shit that I can muster. Enjoy (or not).  Love, Nom   Straight on Till Morning – Finally cracked the seal on my Hammer box set and … Continued

Alcoholocaust or How Bronchitis Anally Raped My Boo-kkake Plans and Filled Me with a Thick Load of Depression due to Low Blood Alcohol a.k.a. From Dusk til Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (Scott Spiegel, 1999)

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So, yea. It was my bright idea to do 31 days of horror and my better half, the man who is always supportive of even the slightest motivation I have (“Yay! You’re gonna take a bath today!! Woohoo!) accepts responsibility … Continued

Lust For a Vampire (Jimmy Sangster, 1971)

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Beautiful debutante Carmilla Karnstein is resurrected forty years after her death and begins to attend the local all-girl boarding school; rumors abound about the family’s evil deeds and black magic rites. Soon she manages to make the school headmasters fall … Continued

The Beast Must Die! (Paul Annett, 1974)

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A gazillionaire big game hunter invites 6 people to his newly decked out hi-tech estate mansion for a dinner party because he suspects one of them is a werewolf. Soon he reveals the deadly game he has devised in order … Continued

The Blood on Satan’s Claw (Piers Haggard, 1971)

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After a farmer unearths some inhuman remains in 17th century England, things go awry as the local children seemingly form a devil-worshipping cult. This simple enough premise leads into a very charming little film as the aforementioned children start to … Continued

The Resident (Antti Jokinen, 2011)

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    The Resident – the first film under the newly reformed Hammer branding, clearly has some pretty big shoes to fill. That is if those responsible are even remotely interested in rejuvenating the once great studio to even a … Continued