Cementerio del Terror (aka Cemetery of Terror) (Rubén Galindo Jr., 1985)

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A group of teens revive a recently deceased serial killer via a mysterious book of rituals found in an abandoned house. Teenagers are stupid.  I went into this having very low expectations – trash and sleaze being an almost every … Continued

Starry Eyes (Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, 2014)

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A struggling young actress pays the ultimate price for fame & fortune. Jocelyn:  Over the years I’ve grown so tired of being let down by new horror films that I’ve practically altogether given up on watching them. Thankfully, bitterness & … Continued

Horror Hotel (aka City of the Dead) (John Llewellyn Moxey, 1960)

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A pretty college student travels to a forgotten New England village to research a paper on witchcraft. Duane: Nothing says “Halloween” quite like devil cults, ghost towns, and the abuse of a fog machine. John Moxey’s atmospheric tale of a … Continued

Midnight (John A. Russo, 1982)

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A girl hitch-hiking away from her lecherous step-daddy runs afoul of some backwoods Satanists in this low-budget, pedestrian outing. Hardcore Romero nerds rejoice. Duane: This is one that’s been on my “to watch” list for a while now, so admittedly … Continued

Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan) (Mario Bava, 1960)

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A diabolical witch and her partner who were executed 200 years ago return from the grave to possess the body of her identical descendant. How exactly does one begin a review on such a seminal horror classic as Black Sunday? … Continued

The Witchmaker (William O. Brown, 1969)

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A group of psychic researchers investigate a series of unsolved murders in the Louisiana bayou. They uncover more than they bargained for when one of their group is targeted for assimilation by a local coven of witches. Holy fuck, talk … Continued

Happy Hell Night (Brian Owens, 1992)

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A group of frat boys are butchered by a priest-turned-devil’s-disciple. Captured and put away in a mental asylum, the evil priest is released from captivity 25 years later due to a prank gone awry by the selfsame fraternity. Now the … Continued

The Antichrist (aka L’anticristo) (Alberto De Martino, 1974)

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A troubled, paralyzed woman becomes easy prey for the Devil in this Italian Exorcist knock-off.   What do you get when you cross Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone, Joe D’Amato, Alberto De Martino, Mel Ferrer and Carla Gravina?  Mmmhmm. One of … Continued

The Hearse (George Bowers, 1980)

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A woman trying to recover from a mental breakdown decides to summer at the creepy, old house that’s been bequeathed to her. The townsfolk treat her poorly due to her family’s association with Satanism. Is it just local lore or … Continued

Curse of the Devil (aka Return of the Walpurgis) (Carlos Aured, 1973)

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When a Grand Inquisitor has a witch burned at the stake during the Spanish inquisition, she curses his bloodline. Years later his descendant kills what he thinks is a wolf on his castle grounds, only to discover it has turned … Continued

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