Pieces (Mil Gritos Tiene La Noche) (Juan Piquer Simón, 1982)

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A crazy dude who chopped up his mother at the tender age of eight stalks and kills coeds on a college campus, dismembering them with a chainsaw. But only the pretty ones… can you say Oedipus complex? As the bodies … Continued

REC 3: Genesis (Paco Plaza, 2012)

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A couple’s wedding day is ruined when the guests contract a strange illness that turns them into murderous, bloodthirsty fiends. That’s pretty much it. But if you think about it… a lot of horror films have been established on thinner … Continued

The Mutilator (aka Fall Break) (Buddy Cooper, 1985)

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While cleaning his Daddy’s rifle as a surprise birthday present, young Ed accidentally blows his Mom away. Pops isn’t so forgiving and years later calls upon his son to close down the isolated beach house they own. Ed takes his friends … Continued

Follia Omicida (Murder Obsession) (Riccardo Freda, 1981)

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Michael, a successful actor, travels back to his childhood home for a weekend with his girlfriend and a smattering of people from the movie he is working on. When people start dying, Michael is suspect due to his past of … Continued