Nosferatu the Vampyre (aka Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht) (Werner Herzog, 1979)

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A real estate agent sent to Transylvania to secure a house deal with a reclusive count gets more than he bargained for upon discovering his new client is a bloodsucking undead fiend. Werner Herzog’s (Aguirre, the Wrath of God; Woyzeck) … Continued

Devil Girl from Mars (1954, David MacDonald)

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  Women win the battle of the sexes on Mars & rule with pretty, iron fists. The downside they weren’t expecting was the loss of baby batter. Nyah comes to Earth seeking seed in this ridiculously written albeit watchable British … Continued

Horror Hotel (aka City of the Dead) (John Llewellyn Moxey, 1960)

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A pretty college student travels to a forgotten New England village to research a paper on witchcraft. Duane: Nothing says “Halloween” quite like devil cults, ghost towns, and the abuse of a fog machine. John Moxey’s atmospheric tale of a … Continued

Pet Sematary 2 (Mary Lambert, 1992)

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  Holy shit this month was an ass-kicker! 31 movies in 31 days was a hell of a lot of work, but it felt pretty damn good to push ourselves. We’ll be taking at least a week off to decompress, … Continued

Witchboard (Kevin Tenney, 1986)

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A woman becomes obsessed with a friend’s Ouija board after he leaves it behind during a party. More accurately, some slut’s pedantic ex-boyfriend tries to school everyone at a party when he busts out the Ouija Board that he just … Continued

Black Sunday (aka The Mask of Satan) (Mario Bava, 1960)

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A diabolical witch and her partner who were executed 200 years ago return from the grave to possess the body of her identical descendant. How exactly does one begin a review on such a seminal horror classic as Black Sunday? … Continued

Among Friends (Danielle Harris, 2012)

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A group of friends get together for a 1980s prom-themed murder-mystery-whodunit dinner party that quickly reveals itself to be a bit more than they bargained for. Initially I was pretty excited by the concept of this movie. As a lover … Continued

The Witchmaker (William O. Brown, 1969)

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A group of psychic researchers investigate a series of unsolved murders in the Louisiana bayou. They uncover more than they bargained for when one of their group is targeted for assimilation by a local coven of witches. Holy fuck, talk … Continued

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