Buio Omega (aka Beyond the Darkness) (Joe D’Amato, 1979)

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Gore? Check. Necrophilia? Check. Adult breastfeeding? Check. Torture? Check. Cannibalism? Check. Depraved love & obsession? Check. This little transgressive horror ‘sploiter will knock your dick in the dirt! Duane: Ah, Buio Omega. Arguably one of D’Amato’s most notorious films that … Continued

Patrick Still Lives (aka Patrick Vive Ancora ) (Mario Landi, 1980)

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  After receiving an unfortunate bottle-to-the-face while looking under the hood of his broken-down car, Patrick falls into an irreversible coma. Fast forward to mad-scientist fueled telekinesis set to revenge and scads of hot Euro sluts making me horny. This … Continued