Savage Dawn (Simon Nuchtern, 1985)

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  A motorcycle gang takes over a small desert town until they piss off the wrong man! Lance Henriksen kills someone with a snake!       Let me set the scene here, folks. William Forsythe – “Pig Iron” the … Continued

Nightmare Beach (Umberto Lenzi, 1989)

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A year after a big bad biker named Diablo is executed for the murder of a young woman, a nutjob on a motorcycle starts killing coeds during spring break in Daytona. Could it truly be Diablo back from the grave … Continued

Psychomania (aka The Death Wheelers) (Don Sharp, 1972)

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A gang of motorcycle hooligans terrorize the population of a small English town. Upon discovering the secret to eternal life, the gang proceeds to off themselves one by one – returning as invincible biker zombies in the process. This is … Continued

Stone Cold (Craig R. Baxley, 1991)

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Stone *motherfucking* Cold marks the acting debut of Brian Bosworth who rose to fame in the 80s as a fairly lackluster 3-season NFL linebacker who was better at getting attention than winning games. He stars as a rogue cop who … Continued

Teenage Gang Debs (Sande N. Johnsen, 1966)

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A devious girl from Manhattan moves in on a gang from Brooklyn and soon has them fighting amongst themselves and rumbling with rival gangs needlessly in an attempt to sate her unquenchable thirst for power. Not a lot of meat … Continued