Without Warning (aka It Came Without Warning) (Greydon Clark, 1980) Part 2 in a series of collaborative Love/Hate Reviews

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A giant alien comes to the backwoods of Earth to hunt long pig. Jocelyn:  I hate science fiction, I hate aliens & I hate outer space. That being said, I hate this fucking movie. It has no plot beyond what … Continued

Alien Prey (aka Prey, The Destructer) (Norman J. Warren, 1978)

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A vicious alien lands on earth and is taken in by an isolated lesbian couple after assuming the form of his first human victim. A simple premise drives this unassuming tale from Norman J. Warren (Inseminoid, Satan’s Slave) that’s not … Continued

Forbidden World (aka Mutant) (Allan Holzman, 1982)

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A space cop dude arrives at a research lab on a distant planet where the scientists there have had an experiment go awry (surprise!). The mutated flesh thing runs amok and wrecks shit. Laser guns, boobies and high heels ensue. … Continued