Emanuelle Escapes from Hell (Emanuelle fuga dall’inferno) (aka Emanuelle in Prison, Women’s Prison Massacre, Blade Violent) (Bruno Mattei, 1983)

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Intrepid reporter Emanuelle finds herself incarcerated in a women’s prison after threatening to expose a corrupt official. Humiliated and tortured by the sadistic penal staff, things take a turn for the worse when the prison is taken over by a … Continued

Nightmare Beach (Umberto Lenzi, 1989)

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A year after a big bad biker named Diablo is executed for the murder of a young woman, a nutjob on a motorcycle starts killing coeds during spring break in Daytona. Could it truly be Diablo back from the grave … Continued

Night Warning aka Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker (William Asher, 1982)

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Susan Tyrrell chews up the screen as a domineering and perverse aunt who’ll stop at nothing to keep her ever-growing nephew from leaving the warmth of her psychotic bosom.  All you need to do is answer one question: Can you … Continued

Midnight (John A. Russo, 1982)

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A girl hitch-hiking away from her lecherous step-daddy runs afoul of some backwoods Satanists in this low-budget, pedestrian outing. Hardcore Romero nerds rejoice. Duane: This is one that’s been on my “to watch” list for a while now, so admittedly … Continued

Contraband (aka Luca Il Contrabbandiere) (Lucio Fulci, 1980)

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Cigarette smugglers get fucked up when a rival crime boss starts pushing drugs on their turf. The film centers on one of the mafia Capos, Luca (Fabio Testi; What Have You Done to Solange?, Four of the Apocalypse), who has … Continued

Future-Kill (Ronald W. Moore, 1985)

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A group of entitled frat boy douchebags venture into the inner city to capture an anti-nuke protester as a prank to atone for their zany college antics. When they run into a violent member of the group, they flee with … Continued

Cut and Run (aka Inferno in Diretta) (Ruggero Deodato, 1985)

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A news reporter and her cameraman travel to the Amazon jungle seeking to interview one of the leaders involved in the Jonestown massacre. Soon it’s discovered that a TV executive’s missing son is entangled with the group that’s also in … Continued

Vice Squad (Gary Sherman, 1982)

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A hooker gets forced into teaming up with vice detectives to catch an out of control pimp who’s killed his last prostitute. Vice Squad is one of those movies that I can pop in pretty much any time and enjoy. … Continued

The Pit (Lew Lehman, 1981)

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A lecherous pre-teen loner finds and feeds the mysterious creatures that reside in a hidden pit in the wilderness. This movie is fucking awesome. I have heard a lot of people talk shit about this film – suggesting that it’s … Continued

The Prowler (aka Rosemary’s Killer) (Joseph Zito, 1981)

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A mysterious killer returns after a 35 year hiatus and terrorizes a small town at the annual spring dance. Sluts rue the day they were born.  Joseph Zito’s (Bloodrage, Friday the 13th part IV: The Final Chapter) third film is … Continued

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