Devil Girl from Mars (1954, David MacDonald)

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  Women win the battle of the sexes on Mars & rule with pretty, iron fists. The downside they weren’t expecting was the loss of baby batter. Nyah comes to Earth seeking seed in this ridiculously written albeit watchable British … Continued

Creature From the Black Lagoon (Jack Arnold, 1954)

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An Amazonian science expedition encounters a strange creature living in the lagoon at their dig site. The scientists attempt to capture the creature and bring it back to civilization for further study/oppression. With Universal having all but retired its original … Continued

Beast from Haunted Cave (Monte Hellman, 1959)

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A not-so-merry little band of thieves meet up at a ski resort in Deadwood, South Dakota so they can work on what turns out to be the most fantastically boring caper I’ve ever witnessed. As an extreme side-note there’s a … Continued

Attack of the Crab Monsters (Roger Corman, 1957)

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A group of scientists get stranded on a remote (and rapidly shrinking) island to study the effects of nuclear weapons testing. They soon discover that the island is inhabited by enormous, mutant, talking crabs! There’s an STD joke in there … Continued