Savage Dawn (Simon Nuchtern, 1985)

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  A motorcycle gang takes over a small desert town until they piss off the wrong man! Lance Henriksen kills someone with a snake!       Let me set the scene here, folks. William Forsythe – “Pig Iron” the … Continued

Witchboard (Kevin Tenney, 1986)

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A woman becomes obsessed with a friend’s Ouija board after he leaves it behind during a party. More accurately, some slut’s pedantic ex-boyfriend tries to school everyone at a party when he busts out the Ouija Board that he just … Continued

Night of the Creeps (Fred Dekker, 1986)

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Alien space-slugs invade a college campus during rush week. There’s an awesome 50s backstory, it’s got Tom Atkins and it’s probably the most fun you’ll have watching a horror movie. Did I mention Tom Atkins? That’s right. Tom. Motherfucking. Atkins. … Continued

Trick or Treat (Charles Martin Smith, 1986)

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Devilry and heavy metal abound when a high school outcast acquires the last demo recording of his recently deceased rock idol and discovers he can commune with him from beyond the grave. Preppy twats and Jocks beware! Jocelyn: I. Fucking. … Continued

Slaughter High (George Dugdale/Mark Ezra/Peter Mackenzie Litten, 1986)

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A group of former high school “cool kids” are lured back to their old Alma mater under the guise of a class reunion. Soon they discover something is not quite right and fear that the school nerd they almost tortured … Continued