Recap! Rewind! Redux! – May 2015

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Short Cuts (Robert Altman; 1993) Watching this as a teenager I was so impressed with the concept – how we’re all connected and the most seemingly insignificant details of your day bind you to an extensive social spider-web that links … Continued

The Pit (Lew Lehman, 1981)

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A lecherous pre-teen loner finds and feeds the mysterious creatures that reside in a hidden pit in the wilderness. This movie is fucking awesome. I have heard a lot of people talk shit about this film – suggesting that it’s … Continued

The Prowler (aka Rosemary’s Killer) (Joseph Zito, 1981)

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A mysterious killer returns after a 35 year hiatus and terrorizes a small town at the annual spring dance. Sluts rue the day they were born.  Joseph Zito’s (Bloodrage, Friday the 13th part IV: The Final Chapter) third film is … Continued

Don’t Go in the Woods (James Bryan, 1981)

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A feral hobo is killing campers in a forested mountain area that’s absolutely crawling with imbeciles and wastes of skin. Cult classic my hairy ass. Only if your definition of such includes horrible acting, pathetic dialogue, basement level gore effects … Continued

Bloody Moon (aka Die Säge des Todes) (Jesús Franco, 1981)

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Girls are going missing at a Spanish language school, and it is feared that they have come to a grisly end. Could there be murder afoot or are the “victims” all correctly assumed to just be off blowing the local … Continued

Evilspeak (aka Computer Murders) (Eric Weston, 1981)

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The nerdy outcast in a military academy finds a way to summon the powers of Satan through his computer. Yes, you read that right. Tormentors will be damned! Hogs will feast on human flesh! A set of funky, deformed titties … Continued

Eyes of a Stranger (Ken Wiederhorn, 1981)

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A serial rapist/murderer stalking ladies in Miami attracts the attention of a spunky blonde news reporter who is hot on his trail. She’s protecting her deaf/blind sister who she feels she failed in her youth; he’s just a pervert that … Continued

Night School (Ken Hughes, 1981)

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A leather-clad, helmeted maniac is beheading female students in and around a local Boston college campus with a kukri.  Could it be the shifty anthropology professor with a penchant for banging his students? What about the sex-crazed retard that works … Continued

Galaxy of Terror (Bruce D. Clark, 1981) – Part 2 in a series of collaborative monster rape reviews

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Nom DePlume: So I went into Galaxy of Terror thinking….it’s Corman, it has (again, oddly enough) monster rape…it’ll totally be awesome, cause, shit! It took me 32 yrs to watch Humanoids from the Deep and look how pleasantly surprised I … Continued

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