Almost Human (aka Milano Odia: la Polizia Non Può Sparare) (Umberto Lenzi, 1974)

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A small-time criminal sociopath grows weary of busting his hump for unsatisfying paydays so he orchestrates a high-profile kidnapping with disastrous consequences. Jocelyn:  I fucking love Tomas Milian (Don’t Torture a Duckling, Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!). Whether he’s … Continued

The Centerfold Girls (John Peyser, 1974)

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  A psychopathic serial killer butchers women who appeared nude in a girlie magazine – and anyone else who gets in his way.  More exploitation flick than slasher and too overt to be approaching giallo territory, John Peyser’s The Centerfold … Continued

Love Angels (aka Prostituzione) (Rino Di Silvestro, 1974)

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A maniac is offing hookers in Italy. Will the police be able to stop him before these unsuspecting ladies of the night become a faded memory?  That’s the best synopsis I could muster for this nonsensical mess. Having enjoyed several … Continued

The Night of the Sorcerers (La Noche De Los Brujos) (Amando de Ossorio, 1974)

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A group of researchers travel to Africa to determine the cause of the strange disappearance of elephants in the area. With their sluts in tow they soon discover the truth; a voodoo tribe resurrects itself nightly complete with vampiric leopard … Continued

The Antichrist (aka L’anticristo) (Alberto De Martino, 1974)

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A troubled, paralyzed woman becomes easy prey for the Devil in this Italian Exorcist knock-off.   What do you get when you cross Bruno Nicolai, Ennio Morricone, Joe D’Amato, Alberto De Martino, Mel Ferrer and Carla Gravina?  Mmmhmm. One of … Continued

The Beast Must Die! (Paul Annett, 1974)

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A gazillionaire big game hunter invites 6 people to his newly decked out hi-tech estate mansion for a dinner party because he suspects one of them is a werewolf. Soon he reveals the deadly game he has devised in order … Continued

Devil’s Island Lovers (Jesús Franco, 1974)

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Upon hearing a dictator’s deathbed confession, a lawyer discovers that the young couple convicted of murder were in fact framed for the crime. The lawyer travels to the prison in hope of discovering the truth behind the cover-up and attempts … Continued