Cut-Throats Nine (aka Condenados a Vivir) (Joaquín Luis Romero Marchent, 1972)

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A military sergeant and his daughter are tasked with marching a chain gang of convicts though a desolate mountain pass, with tragic results. Billed outright as a violent exploitation film (complete with a “terror mask” gimmick being distributed to audiences … Continued

Recap! Rewind! Redux! – March 2015

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We thought we’d start a monthly(ish) series where we reflect on recently watched films that have had a significant impact on us, whether they be mind-blowingly brilliant or so god-awful that we just can’t help but blather on about it. So … Continued

So Sweet, So Dead (aka Rivelazioni Di Un Maniaco Sessuale Al Capo Della Squadra Mobile, Bad Girls, Penetration, The Slasher… is the Sex Maniac!) (Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1972)

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A maniac is killing married women who have been unfaithful, leaving pictures of their sordid affairs at the scene of the crime. Slut-flesh meeting cold steel ensues. Roberto Bianchi Montero’s much overlooked little giallo owes a lot to Mario Bava’s … Continued

Amuck (aka Alla Ricerca Del Piacere) (Silvio Amadio, 1972)

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A woman takes a live-in job as replacement for a writer’s secretary on an island near Venice, her predecessor having vanished without a trace. Unbeknownst to her eccentric employer and his slutty wife, their new hireling was a very good … Continued

Psychomania (aka The Death Wheelers) (Don Sharp, 1972)

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A gang of motorcycle hooligans terrorize the population of a small English town. Upon discovering the secret to eternal life, the gang proceeds to off themselves one by one – returning as invincible biker zombies in the process. This is … Continued

Byleth – El Demonio Del Incesto (Leopoldo Savona, 1972)

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In a small European town, licentious girls are being murdered via three curious puncture marks to the throat.  A young Duke returns to his ancestral estate to find that his sister whom he wants to bang with great ferocity has … Continued

Season of the Witch (aka Jack’s Wife, Hungry Wives) (George Romero, 1972)

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  Joan Mitchell, a bored suburban housewife gets together with her bored suburban housewife friends and together they lament their failed (often abusive) marriages and lack of life skills. Joan is also plagued by nightmares of masked intruders breaking into … Continued

Drácula Contra Frankenstein (aka Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein) (Jesús Franco, 1972)

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After the discovery of the murder of yet another nubile innocent victim in a sleepy (we assume Eastern European) town, Dr. Seward (Alberto Dalbés; The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein) sets out to rid the world of the dastardly Count Dracula (Howard … Continued