The Witchmaker (William O. Brown, 1969)

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A group of psychic researchers investigate a series of unsolved murders in the Louisiana bayou. They uncover more than they bargained for when one of their group is targeted for assimilation by a local coven of witches. Holy fuck, talk … Continued

Night of the Bloody Apes (René Cardona, 1969) – Part 3 in a series of collaborative monster rape reviews

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When a sketchy doctor learns that his son is dying from leukemia, he naturally decides to replace his son’s blood with that of a gorilla’s (well, what would YOU do?). Problem is, everyone knows that gorilla blood is too fucking … Continued

One Million AC/DC (Ed De Priest,1969)

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Contained herein is an attempt at a sex comedy written by none other than Edward D. Wood (under pseudonym Akdon Telmig) that is (surprise!) devoid of plot, interest or sense. The story revolves around a bunch of partly clothed cave … Continued