SS Hell Camp (aka The Beast in Heat) (Luigi Batzella, 1977)

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A slutty female SS Officer/scientist (Macha Magall; The Daughter of Emanuelle) creates a grotesque half man/half beast creature (Salvatore Baccaro; The Virgo, The Taurus, and the Capricorn; Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks) that is kept in a cage and fed captive women to sate his appetites for the amusement of the SS officers involved.  Meanwhile, a group of rebels decide to take care of the Nazi threat once and for all. Also, some bullshit about a priest and a hot chick is jammed in there somewhere but is about as consequential as a pubic hair on a toilet seat.
There’ve been a lot of raised eyebrows about SS Hell Camp over the last couple of decades, what with it being on the much reviled/revered video nasties list of the 1980s and all. Luigi Batzella’s (Nude For Satan) infamous Nazisploiter certainly has its moments – but they are few and far between and seem to have been inserted as an afterthought. In fact I counted at minimum three movies crudely stitched together in a vain attempt to make a coherent feature, with hilarious results. In essence, SS Hell Camp is a dull and shoddily assembled film about a bunch of freedom fighters fighting the Nazi SS as they come into their village and do bad shit. This is supplemented by footage from one or more older WWII films that were clearly more competent, had a budget, and gave a shit jarringly spliced into Batzella’s mess (I’ve read that this was just stock footage but it’s quite obviously staged) and played up like nothing happened. There are even segments where Batzella had his actors continue on where the other footage ends. It’s actually quite amusing to see coupled with the horrendous acting – men do somersaults INTO explosions, cartwheels for no reason… the whole things smacks of incompetence. Keep in mind this is just the “action” part of the film which has very little bearing on the “exploitation” part of the film. Said “exploitation” part occurs primarily in a laboratory/torture chamber where the evil SS scientist lady performs her cruel experiments. Most of this is focused on the aforementioned “beast” man (who is no doubt an ugly motherfucker) raping women to death in his cage when he’s not busy making monkey faces at the camera and fogging it up and sometimes multitasking by raping women while making monkey faces at the camera and fogging it up. As hideous as this fellow is, even moreso is this fucking nasty lump of flesh the guy is growing out of his back – I couldn’t stop staring at it. I hope he had that thing looked at after filming wrapped.
Shitty action sequences aside, SS Hell Camp is plenty sleazy and does deserve its reputation as one of the more heinous Nazisploiters produced in the period. Unfortunately for over half of the movie the atrocities committed are merely implied and occur offscreen… a baby is thrown into the air for a soldier in a sort of makeshift skeet shooting exercise, a man is castrated by a bayonet while the SS scientist chick awkwardly rubs her tits all over him, etc. The film doesn’t really begin to show anything even remotely graphic until the last thirty minutes or so in what is essentially one scene that seemed shoehorned in there for shock value, prisoners are tortured in various ways with poorly done effects while the beast humps away on yet another lady friend. Worth mentioning is the scene where the beast tears the flesh away from a girl’s vagina and stuffs her pubic hair in his mouth and strives for perfection with those fucking monkey faces. Those who have seen Nude For Satan will know Batzella’s penchant for horrible effects/lackadaisical attitude and will know what to expect here – amateurish gore effects, toy planes on strings zooming around, etc…. Even the set pieces are carelessly arranged. The SS Officer/scientist’s swastika armband is backward, flags on the walls are either correct or reversed with no thought or care clearly given whatsoever.
On to the sex scenes… While SS Hell Camp does boast an inordinate amount of gratuitous male and female nudity the sex scenes are as fake as that plane on a string. Not a care was given to positioning or even trying to make it appear that these people were in mid-coitus, rather they just kind of flop around and rub up on each other like cats in heat. Also, there were  far too many ballsacks for my liking.
To compromise the film’s already dwindling integrity, Batzella felt the need to throw in some crude humor, some melodramatic bullshit about some fucking kid that’s been saved (I was kind of half paying attention at this point) and some weird anti-religious pontifications from the priest/hot girl scenes. It all makes for a rather tedious experience.
It’s far from a good film – Hell, it’s actually pretty awful – but genre fans and completists will want to check it out on reputation alone and admittedly there are a couple of really amusing scenes involving various sluts getting tortured and crying and rape and all the things that make dreams come true. The morbidly curious will just fast forward through the boring military dreck and watch it for the boobies and flaccid wieners.
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