Satanico Pandemonium (aka La Sexorcista) (Gilberto Martínez Solares, 1975)

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A young nun is tormented with depraved visions and sinful urges by Lucifer in an attempt to sway her to pledge allegiance to Satan.
Here we have a mediocre entry into the Nunsploitation genre that I found to be a tad disappointing. We have Sister Maria, the main nun of the story tempted by a decidedly sleazy naked guy in a field. Well I shouldn’t say tempted, more like he indecently exposes himself to her. Anyways, turns out the guy is Lucifer and he wants Sister Maria to give herself over to him and his evil ways. The convent itself is no shining example of morality to begin with, as the two black nuns are expected to wait on the others hand and foot and are forced to sleep on piles of straw in the basement. Due to Lucifer’s influence, Sister Maria is compelled to try to rape one of her fellow sisters (followed by some expected self-flagellation and torture as penance) as well as attempt to seduce (and later rape and murder) a young teenage boy and his aged mother. An interesting aside regarding the seduction of the boy: the scene is quite surreal in that Sister Maria sits herself down by the river beside the boy where he is fishing, and proceeds to expose her legs via lifting her habit above the knee and then there’s this long focused shot of her removing her sandals and dipping her feet into the water… essentially the only segment of the film that has any sort of foot interest potential. Her feet are svelte and long, quite nice really. Sister Maria proceeds to molest and murder pretty much anyone who she comes in contact with, with periods of Lucifer showing up to tease her. Eventually this all catches up with her as one would expect, until a very disappointing twist ending is revealed. It’s the sort of ending I’ve never cared for and kind of makes you feel like you just wasted 90 minutes of your life for nothing. The film has plenty of sex and nudity, some really poorly executed violence (in one scene, there was no attempt at all to conceal the prop knife and the viewer is assaulted with a ridiculous stabbing where you see the blade retract over and over again. I found this very jarring and really took me out of the film.)
The costume department did a decent job as the habits seem quite authentic and for the most part fit well and appear to have the proper components (none of this one piece veil/wimple/bandeau nonsense) and their tunics are a soothing sky blue color. There’s a small contingent of young attractive nuns mixed in with the obligatory old crones for good measure, although most don’t get down and dirty at all. This is a mediocre entry in the genre, not boring but certainly not as lurid and violent as some of its brethren. Worth a viewing for those into nunsploitation, to be sure. Sister Maria does have perky tits.


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