REC 3: Genesis (Paco Plaza, 2012)

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A couple’s wedding day is ruined when the guests contract a strange illness that turns them into murderous, bloodthirsty fiends.
That’s pretty much it. But if you think about it… a lot of horror films have been established on thinner plots than that and have been halfway decent. After all it’s pretty much all about the gore and titties right? This most recent entry in relative genre newcomer Paco Plaza’s REC series does have plenty of the good old red kroovy but sadly only contains a minute amount of nudity – still, the story is nothing if not entertaining.
Anyway… Koldo (Diego Martín) and Clara (Leticia Dolera) – the couple in question – are getting married, an uncle shows up and has been infected by the “illness” from the previous REC films and chaos ensues as he proceeds to kill and vomit blood all over the other guests. So formulaically you have a group of survivors (victims) segregating themselves from the hoard of zombie/demon things that are running rampant throughout the swanky hotel or whatever it is. If you saw the previous 2 films you know what they are and where they came from. That’s pretty much the only thing this third installment has to do with its predecessors, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering they capped the first two films off nicely. I really liked the way that they went from the “found footage” shaky cam style to a full-on film stock about 30 minutes in by having the shaky cam break. Seeing as this whole found footage nonsense is getting so played out I thought this was a brilliant and refreshing decision. There are still a few segments using the old style, but it’s wisely kept to a minimum. Now if only we can get away from the whole “running zombie” shit that’s so tired now (in fact that was another interesting (weird) twist with this series when it was revealed the infection was spiritually based).
Underneath all that there is actually a fairly poignant love story buried in all the carnage… the couple of course gets separated and while in the process of trying not to die they are compelled to try and locate each other, refusing to leave the area no matter what the cost. Some people would look at that as inane, but to those that have experienced that sort of bond with another person will get the concept. It’s well played and dare I say even a bit bleak (albeit a tad melodramatic)… particularly the ending.
REC 3 also employs a fair bit of black humor but not in such a way that it’s a detriment to the film or insulting to the viewer. It has its quirky moments, let’s just say… without being Sami Raimi-esque with the stupidity. There’s plenty of over the top violence as well, in particular when the bride finds a chainsaw (of course!) in the catacombs beneath the mausoleum/graveyard area and goes nuts on a group of the infected in pursuit. The gore is generally quite satisfying and there’s plenty of it, utilizing both practical and digital effects (the latter only when absolutely necessary and it’s not done poorly at all). The graphic violence is common with this series, although this is a far more light-hearted entry, to be sure. What Plaza’s final upcoming installment (REC: Apocalypse) will bring us is anyone’s guess. In fact I’ve read that REC 3 is apparently supposed to be a prequel to the series, but I didn’t get that impression at all from watching the film… if anything I assumed it was taking place simultaneously. The series thus far has proven entertaining however, and chances are it will be worth checking out regardless of direction (even if just from a completist’s standpoint). So far so good – bring it on, Señor Plaza.
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