Pet Sematary 2 (Mary Lambert, 1992)

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Holy shit this month was an ass-kicker! 31 movies in 31 days was a hell of a lot of work, but it felt pretty damn good to push ourselves. We’ll be taking at least a week off to decompress, so you lazy fucks can just sit back, relax, and take in all of our hard work.
The ancient Indian burial ground is calling out for some fresh dead blood to raise in this cheese-tastic guilty-pleasure sequel.
vlcsnap-2013-10-30-12h36m29s249Jocelyn: Ok, so I’ll say it; I like this movie. I know it’s roundly thought of as garbage and I’ll be the first to admit that if you’re comparing it to the tone and quiet unease of the original then it will pale in comparison. This is just a fun, trashy take on an existing idea and c’mon, who doesn’t love early 90s era Edward Furlong? That snotty, entitled way he personifies “pussy” but still manages to captivate. You can’t help but simultaneously like and dislike him which makes him a fun actor, particularly in this. And does it get any better than Clancy Brown? How awesome is that guy?! He kills it as the abusive-cop-stepfather who gets his due comeuppance! Watching him lumber about after he *comes back*, the way he exudes evil glee from every dead pore; this movie is worth a watch just for his performance alone.
Duane: I wholeheartedly agree on all counts except for the Furlong love, as he’s always bugged the shit outta me. That being said, you’re right in that he was perfect for this role as the smarmy little douche just daring you to punch him in the mouth. This is one of those instances in film where a sequel is at least as good as its predecessor; while the original did have its chilling moments and certainly had a far less light-hearted feel to it, I personally couldn’t stand that fucking kid Ellie and her incessant whining. Oh the many times I almost put my foot through the TV when she was caterwauling about how her leg hurt or whatever the fuck it was; that voice was like nails on a chalkboard. Did you know that the dumb twat who played her is a rapper now? I weep for the future. But I digress.  Pet Sematary 2 may essentially be the Clancy Brown show, but that’s not a bad thing. He had such an air of cruelty to him in this. I’m not sure why, and the devil knows I’ve seen it enough times, but I always think of this as a werewolf movie. I think because maybe it reminds me of Silver Bullet in terms of feel; it’s a horror film to be sure, but it doesn’t shy away from lightening things up a little bit without treading that dreaded “horror-comedy” bullshit that the mouth-breathers are so fond of nowadays. (And yes I’m fully aware that Pet Sematary 2 has nothing to do with werewolves!)
J: I barely remember Silver Bullet. I remember Corey Haim in a rocket ship wheel chair that ran on the gleam from Gary Busey’s teeth, the S&M guy from The People Under the Stairs and a firework shooting in a werewolf’s eye. That’s seriously all you need to know about that movie. Why am I talking about this? Why do you always sidetrack me?
vlcsnap-2013-10-30-12h51m52s15I had no idea that it was the same director as the original. I like that this one is kinda like the trashy step-son. The last what? 40 min or so of the movie is just pure insanity. I love that the gore and body count is amped up tenfold from the first one. That’s what makes this film so fun, to me it’s just a playful nod to the kinda campy good times that you can have when you just let go of the bullshit that binds you. We all know that Stephen King has an amazing ability to transport you to creepy little towns and create intensely frightening situations with the tap of a few keys. And there are parts in the original that will always stay with me, particularly the distant shot of the reanimated vet shambling about angrily in the yard to the backdrop of Jud’s story. Simple, subtle things that require your mind to fill in the blanks and customize your own fear, that’s what makes his writing so brilliant. This movie kinda personifies the early 90s. It’s the bright colors, oversized everything “look at me” version of Pet Sematary.  Despite the fact that I hate the 90s as a whole, it works in relation to this film.
vlcsnap-2013-10-30-12h54m18s189D:  Agreed. What’s also nice about this one as well is you don’t need to have seen or enjoyed the first entry to appreciate this. It has enough ties to what happened in the first film for fans to dig, but it’s completely its own entity.  Pet Sematary 2 has its share of issues and plot holes, but the film is so fun that it’s easy to overlook them and just have a good time. The violence in this I found to be quite satisfying; admittedly I laugh like an idiot every time I watch that dirt bike scene between Clancy Brown and that asshole bully kid. It’s like the perfect blend of dark humor mixed in with some serious brutality. I only wish they have shown a bit more in that particular scene, but that’s probably just because I enjoy it so much I can’t get enough. Considering it was given a fairly wide release though, they got away with a good chunk of carnage in the film and for that I’m eternally grateful.
 J/D: It’s easy to write off a seemingly unnecessary sequel to a very popular film expecting it to suck hard, but this is one of the few exceptions to that occasionally misguided rule.  Pet Sematary 2 is a very solidly entertaining film in its own right, whether you give a shit about the original or not. This underrated gem is positively worth a look.
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