Lust For Freedom (Eric Louzil, 1987)

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After a drug bust goes bad, an undercover female cop gets framed and imprisoned by a corrupt sheriff. On the inside she is forced to endure all manner of abuse and degradation, but nothing can deter her lust for freedom!COSDS - Lust For Freedom00001

I can think of few films that exemplify the 80s better than the first 15 minutes of this z-grade schlockfest. Heels, neon, stockings, big hair, a soundtrack by none other than Grim Reaper (one of the campiest bands to ever stumble out of 1985), poorly implemented action sequences – Lust For Freedom is everything that was wrong-but-oh-so-right about those bygone years. Directed by Eric Louzil (the man responsible for those two shitty Class of Nuke ‘Em High sequels) and bankrolled by Troma, one would initially expect a fuckload of zany comedic nonsense – but allow me to allay those fears. Lust For Freedom is as much of a Troma movie as Bloodsucking Freaks was (that is to say, there’s not the slightest similarity to Lloyd Kaufman’s style of filmmaking whatsoever). That’s not meant as an insult to Troma at all, I grew up loving that stuff just like everyone else my age; but Louzil’s directorial debut manages to play it straight right from the get-go. While the film is an absolute train wreck, it’s also a remarkably entertaining waste of 90 minutes.COSDS - Lust For Freedom00004

Lust For Freedom is the tale of an undercover lady cop working on a drug sting with her partner, who she has fallen madly in love with. When things go wrong and the apple of her eye is gunned down in cold blood, she escapes and drives out into the middle of nowhere where she encounters a desperate woman on the side of the road, who she picks up (naturally). It’s soon discovered that the wayward hitchhiker is an escapee from the local prison and has the police and a sketchy looking black van hot on her tail. One thing leads to another and our heroine is quickly drugged, framed, and incarcerated. But this isn’t just any ordinary prison – it’s run by a corrupt judge with a team of lawmen and sadistic prison staff all on the take. They turn a profit by selling runaways and other unfortunate ladies to a twisted local doctor to be turned out for tricks and even less savory purposes. As one would expect, shit gets real and lady cop needs to break her way out of there, and fast!COSDS - Lust For Freedom00003a

Playing it straight is one thing, but the micro budget and lack of talent occupying the film is what really makes this a joy to watch. The atrocious dialogue is fumbled back and forth by a cast of virtual nobodies, their interactions barely approaching porn quality. Despite the fledgling cast, Lust For Freedom is fortunate enough to be graced by the presence of the lovely Michelle Bauer (Nightmare Sisters, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) as a slutty inmate who convinces her cellmate to make sweet lady-love to her in a drawn out and steamy sex scene.  Thank the devil for small miracles.COSDS - Lust For Freedom00029

In classic WIP fashion this flick doesn’t hold back in the sleaze/sex department; Lust For Freedom definitely has that in spades. Chock full of full frontal nudity, rape, girl on girl, violent beatings, degradation, misogyny (some of the dialogue you simply will not believe), racism and all manner of bad ideas, the film happily zips along at a brisk (and seedy) pace. Did I mention that essentially the entire film has one of two Grim Reaper songs perpetually looped in the background? You’ll be singing along to “Rock You to Hell” in no time flat (although admittedly I sang along with my own version: “Fuck You to Hell” because I’m as juvenile as I am cantankerous).  It just doesn’t get better than watching girl on girl violence with some shitty 80s metal blasting in the background, and I defy anyone to try and tell me otherwise.COSDS - Lust For Freedom00016

In addition to the obligatory sexy bits, there’s also plenty of action to keep things interesting. Expect to be assaulted with bloody gunfights, girls kicking the shit out of each other (there’s even a segment where two of them square off in a prison-sanctioned wrestling match… to the death!), car chases, and more pointless excess than you can shake a stick at. The fight scenes are so laughable (wait till you see the main chick defending herself with her special cop “karate” in prison) that they’d even make Rudy Ray Moore chuckle. There’s some decent gun violence though, and they even manage to blow up a car (no, not the Troma car explosion) for good measure.COSDS - Lust For Freedom00045

Certain parts of the film have an inherent nastiness to them, in particular a fairly disturbing rape and another segment where some poor fellow is mercilessly beaten then lit on fire which isn’t overly graphic but conceptually quite mean-spirited. Also of note is a somewhat out of place scene in which the Sheriff’s Native American goon appears to the sound of the stereotypical Indian “war whoop” ululation to accompany him – take that as you may.COSDS - Lust For Freedom00036

Lust For Freedom isn’t going to win anyone over who isn’t already into bottom of the barrel trash. Those of us who have acquired a taste for this type of nonsense shouldn’t hesitate to check it out ASAP. This is classic cinematic garbage.

Official COSDS Nunspank Rating: NS-3_half



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  1. Holy Crap !! – this looks unbelievable ! I’ve got the Vinegar Syndrome DVD and this just went on the weekend viewing schedule.

    • Glad to be of service! I hope you dig it as much as I did!

      The Vinegar Syndrome DVD is pretty bare bones, but the transfer is really good.

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