Love Angels (aka Prostituzione) (Rino Di Silvestro, 1974)

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A maniac is offing hookers in Italy. Will the police be able to stop him before these unsuspecting ladies of the night become a faded memory? COSDS - Love Angels00002

That’s the best synopsis I could muster for this nonsensical mess. Having enjoyed several of Rino Di Silvestro’s films – namely Hanna D. – the Girl from Vondel Park, Deported Women of the SS Special Section, and Werewolf Woman – I was well aware of his ability to churn out some entertaining and pretty grim trash. Sadly, Love Angels is a vast disappointment compared to the aforementioned – unless the film’s purpose was to utterly confuse the viewer. COSDS - Love Angels00004

Marketed as a giallo, Love Angels starts out pretty standard – some slut gets knifed by an unseen assailant and ends up in the morgue, and a couple of hard-nosed detectives hell bent on discovering the identity of her killer bumble about. So far so good; then things completely unravel. Crammed into the film’s scant running time is a bunch of pointless filler; a motorcycle gang terrorizes the whores, a prostitute is gang raped which leads to one of the assailants getting some kind of mob hit on his head (complete with drawn out chase scene), one slut is a tranny, another is the daughter of an older streetwalker who’s still working the same stroll lamenting the fact that her progeny commands more business than she – the list goes on and on. On top of that, far too much time is spent watching the investigators interview the local working girls, making the film become tedious quickly. This is really more of a series of micro vignettes strung together with the hope that the audience will be dazzled by the stockings and heels (almost worked…) and not really pay too much attention to the fact that there’s virtually no story or substance. COSDS - Love Angels00006

All of this padding could have been a welcome diversion if handled correctly, but sadly there’s very little to see at all in terms of violence or sex in the film. Inexplicably, Di Silvestro also felt it would be a good idea to try to give some of the scenes a comedic bent, inserting “zany” music throughout and at the most inopportune moments. The end result is a film that feels like it was far too thin on plot to begin with and whatever came to mind at the time was haphazardly thrown into the mix. Needless to say, Love Angels will prove to be a test of patience for even the most steadfast of viewers. COSDS - Love Angels00011

Love Angels is wisely packed full of Eurotrash vets the likes of Maria Fiore (Syndicate Sadists), Elio Zamuto (Werewolf Woman, How to Kill a Judge), Krista Nell (Feast of Satan, The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance), Orchidia de Santis (Seven Murders for Scotland Yard, The Weekend Murders), and Andrea Scotti (If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death; So Sweet, So Dead) et al. Regrettably, even this well-assembled cast couldn’t save this doomed ship from dashing itself onto the proverbial rocks of failure.COSDS - Love Angels00017Whether as an excuse to ogle whores in slutwear or just so you can rationalize hanging that fucking killer poster in your house, Love Angels is possibly worth checking out. Anyone looking for anything remotely resembling a film had best look elsewhere. COSDS - Love Angels00018

Official COSDS Nunspank Rating: NS-2


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