La Endemoniada (aka The Possessed, Demon Witch Child) (Amando de Ossorio, 1975)

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COSDS - Demon Witch Child
When an old Gypsy witch kills herself to avoid prosecution by police regarding a missing child, she takes possession of a young girl (after having one of her Gypsies give her Satan’s dildo) and continues her evil deeds. Soon a Catholic priest is asked to help the afflicted girl. Mayhem, castration, and baby killing ensues.
Clearly Ossorio’s attempt to cash in on the success of The Exorcist, La Endemoniada (aka Demon Witch Child, The Possessed) is a solid entry in the possessed child subgenre that was so prevalent in the 70s. Written and directed by Ossorio before capping off his fucking awesome Blind Dead series with Night of the Seagulls, La Endemoniada feels a bit like he was just trying to pass the time (maybe make ends meet) in between.
The film is reasonably well written but it does tend to drag a little bit in parts, and there are some sequences where it looks like he’s treading familiar water almost verging on ripping off The Exorcist, but pulling out right before the money shot. And yet in ways this film takes it a bit further… there just aren’t enough scenes involving sacrificing infants to Satan nowadays (granted, not a graphic scene but conceptually it’s awesome). And there’s also a segment where the possessed girl tries to rape a local journalist and after beating him to death, she castrates him with a pocket knife and steals his balls to be used as a gift later (again not graphic, but awesome)… I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. The effects are very minimalist for the most part but the old witch makeup is quite convincing and when she shifts forms when in the girl it’s quite effective… partially due to the girl being one of the ugliest children I’ve ever had the misfortune of viewing. How she managed to not be drowned at birth is a mystery indeed.2678092941_921d7edec6
As far as cheap cash-ins go La Endemoniada is far from ambitious or original but is lewd and intriguing enough to entertain. Sadly there is no graphic nudity or violence of note (this is rather unfortunate, because the servant girl is quite fetching) but if you’re into cheapie possession films or devil cults do yourself a favor and check it out. The English dubbing is particularly bad so if you’re able seek out the original Spanish version. 
From what I’ve seen, Ossorio rarely disappoints… from what I’ve read he has plenty in his repertoire to prove me wrong. Sounds like a challenge.

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