Humanoids From the Deep (aka Monster) (Barbara Peeters, 1980) – part 1 in a series of collaborative monster rape reviews

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Scientific experimentation goes awry causing mutated fishmen to rise from the sea and terrorize a small coastal village by killing their men and raping their women.

Razor88: Fishmen rape action? Sign me the fuck up! Humanoids From the Deep is definitely one of the best features Roger Corman was involved in, and for good reason. Awesome premise aside, it’s full of gratuitous nudity, (implied) fish rape and surprisingly competent gore effects. One can’t help but draw similarities to the 60s camp classic Horror of Party Beach… also great fun.
Nom DePlume: I’m also a huge fan of Horror of Party Beach (“But what makes all the smoke and steam, daddy?”) and I have to say that this lil flick blew my ass away! I had never seen this before and 32 yrs later I’m still knocked the fuck out by the delicious practical effects.  Typically, with Corman you can expect cheap sets and shitty fx masked behind lots of tits….in this lil gem we get the best of both worlds, because the titties are ample and the gore/fx are top notch.  How many explosions were in this movie, anyway?  Besides, c’mon! ANY movie that has monster-rape is automatically fucking incredible.

R88: Jesus, everything fucking blows up with reckless abandon in this. Cabins, boats…. I had no idea that one Molotov could impact a structure with the force of a stick of dynamite. Just goddamn awesome. Did a pre-teen Michael Bay have a hand in Humanoids or what?  Between the immolations and all the dead dogs I’m not sure which was more gratuitous. The dogs are killed off for no apparent reason… one would assume for food,  but they are for the most part left intact save for my favorite  – “Angry Dead Beach Dog”. It’s ok that I named him, right?

humanoids8Nom: More than ok, love.  Poor Johnny Eagle (the token Native American who is against the cannery (Canco! Brilliant!) that wants to set up shop in town and  use evil scientists and their growth hormone to increase salmon production) lost his dog due to good-old-fashioned American racism! Oh, how I long for the days where everyone drove drunk, beat their wives  and hated people based purely on the color of their skin!
Wow, I’m getting off-topic! Ok, so! It doesn’t take long before we realize that it was the scientists at Canco that created the sex-starved fishmen who are now led by their mutated fish-pricks to mate with sexy human girly girls for the survival of their species.humanoids2
R88: Oh poor Johnny Eagle…. I’m sure he realized that Canco’s lust for power and profit was really the culprit here, and the Native Americans were simply in the way of progress. He surely goes all out defending his  homeland by throwing sticks with devastating effect and an expert level skill in riflery.
Said fish-pricks are sadly devoid of screen time however, something that could have been easily avoided by some deft camera work. There’s one scene in particular that comes to mind (I’d say the beach one… but that’s not narrowing it down at all) where I was left feeling a bit ripped off that I didn’t get to see some mutant fish boner covered in a ghastly amalgam of rape-sauce and hatred. Given the sleaze factor of this movie it would have fit the mood perfectly.
So yeah the fish rapists are out to propagate and murder the poor denizens of Noyo like the scourge of Poseidon himself… to what end we are left unclear. Nature’s wrath we’ll chalk it up to I suppose.
Nom: He really does portray an awe-inspiring level of accuracy with any and all weaponry! Honestly, I was just hoping to see a close-up of a single tear somberly cascading down his chiseled native cheek, but alas, I was robbed.
And you’re quite right, we were denied glorious fish cock action, but we got to see some yummy inferred forced coitus on some delicious lil ladies! (The chick in the tent…boner city!)

Anyway! The one (white) guy in town with enough balls and give-a-fuck joins forces with the “professional scientist” (ha!  she says that, I swear!) to try to kill these fuckers before they murder every man and rape every (sexy) female in town! I won’t blow the ending but I will say that the carnal carnage at the carnival (bow, curtsey, bow) must be seen to be believed!humanoids10

R88/Nom:  If you haven’t seen this yet you’re in for a real treat. Whether you’re in it for the sleazy rapes or the monster movie madness…this is a surprisingly adept film that deserves to be in all enthusiasts collections…we recommend picking up the Shout! Factory 30th Anniversary Edition which is a high-def transfer of the uncut international release.
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