Forbidden World (aka Mutant) (Allan Holzman, 1982)

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A space cop dude arrives at a research lab on a distant planet where the scientists there have had an experiment go awry (surprise!). The mutated flesh thing runs amok and wrecks shit. Laser guns, boobies and high heels ensue.
Ok so on entertainment value alone this is worth a watch, let alone the hot naked chicks and gore. It’s essentially an homage to (read: rip off of) Alien, but with hot chicks and high heels. Oh, and an irritating robot with a prominent on/off switch on its chest. One of Roger Corman’s cheapies, Forbidden World was originally released under the title of Mutant and has evidently gained a bit of a cult following. For good reason… the movie is a lot of fun. The space battle scenes are hilarious and the dialogue and sets are campy and cheap (despite boasting a pre-douchebag James Cameron design  credit), just like one would expect (hope for?) from a Corman production. The gore gags are actually quite well done although the monster does look like a monster puppet modeled after Alien but bought from a thrift store.  The original Holzman cut was initially rejected by Corman for including too much humor (I dare you to find it! – the humor, that is… the Blu-ray from SHOUT! Factory includes both cuts of the film but beware the Mutant (Holzman cut) looks like it was sourced directly from a VHS tape that’s been used to prop a door open in someone’s basement. Well yes of COURSE that’s the disc I watched.
Conceptually the film is solid, being your standard “monster is loose in a confined space but nobody can find it” plot. Add in some gratuitous sex/nudity, some girl on girl, and long shots following the ladies from behind, focusing on their heels (decent height, open toed and transparent [OOH! Future-y!]) and asses (why couldn’t Alien have added some hot high heeled sluts?) and you have yourself a very entertaining hour and a half. This one if often compared to (and shown back to back with) Galaxy of Terror due to the recycling of the set, etc., I found both films entertaining in their own right.
Recommended for fans of campy low budget sci-fi knockoffs and hot chicks (whether you be a fan or a hot chick… your call).


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