Devil Girl from Mars (1954, David MacDonald)

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Women win the battle of the sexes on Mars & rule with pretty, iron fists. The downside they weren’t expecting was the loss of baby batter. Nyah comes to Earth seeking seed in this ridiculously written albeit watchable British Sci-Fi flick.

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Duane: I’ll be the first to admit that 50s Sci-fi/horror flicks are not my forte. I’ve always loved the outlandish poster art and the brilliant titles, but have oft found disappointment when actually viewing the films they advertise. There have been some exceptions, but unfortunately Devil Girl From Mars is not one of them. While I didn’t despise the film, I felt it left a lot to be desired. Being made in 1954, I wasn’t exactly expecting some sort of massive Martian slut orgy where they come down to enslave earth’s men and have some kind of fucked up alien bukkake with them or anything, but still. Regardless, I was quite pleased to see the very lovely Hazel Court (The Curse of Frankenstein, The Masque of the Red Death) gracing us with her presence. It’s always nice to have a Hammer girl to ogle in situations like these. That skirt and those heels? Yeah, I’m all over that shit. What was I talking about?COSDS - Devil Girl from Mars00001

Jocelyn: Yea, I have to say the best thing about this movie is probably the title. Although to be fair I guess the effects aren’t bad for the era & it was quite nice seeing Adrienne Corri (Madhouse, The Tell-Tale Heart) as Doris, the barmaid in love with the prison escapee. Interesting tidbit: she played the rape victim, Mrs. Alexander, in A Clockwork Orange. While the plot was interesting (even though not particularly original) it spent too much time meandering about like a bad dramatic play (which it was based on, if you can believe that) set in an old country inn. Often times movies like this are quaint & usher in some warmth for the days gone by but this film actually started making me angry with its relentless misogyny and its meat-headed, do-gooder lead Hugh McDermott.COSDS - Devil Girl from Mars00007

D: I didn’t realize that about Adrienne Corri, and I’m one of the biggest A Clockwork Orange nerds out there – good catch! Misogyny is to be expected in a film from this era but I know what you mean, it was a bit much. The melodrama was kind of funny after a while, I had a hard time discerning if I was watching a movie about a Martian invasion or a sappy soap opera. Considering the film is about a woman traveling to Earth on a jizz-run, she sure had a hard time choosing any of the men available to take back with her. There was so much deliberation about that I couldn’t help but yell at the TV – why didn’t she just take them all and discard the useless ones? There’s got to be a cargo hatch in that goddamn flying saucer that she could use to jettison the human detritus out into deep space. Also, why did Nyah look like she just stumbled out of a fetish ball (rubber aficionados take note!)? And what about that ridiculous robot? They go on and on about how advanced their technology is yet in order to control her giant walking toaster of doom she needs to point that stupid remote control at it at all times. And did you like how they demonstrated their might by vaporizing random shit that was laying around? Oh no! There goes that dead tree! Not the pickup truck! It certainly had its amusing parts, and the running time was mercifully short. I’d have been fine just watching Ms. Court clicking about for 77 minutes though.COSDS - Devil Girl from Mars00008

J: Yes! Exactly! The constant talking about what she could do was infuriating! Just do it already! You’re so god damned powerful & puny Earth minds can’t conceive of your wonder but by all means keep telling us what you might do & then walk slowly back to the space ship! She literally walks to the inn, delivers a line & walks back to the ship through the ENTIRE RUN TIME. I think the only power on display here was the ability to induce severe boredom. The lumbering, mega-bot was pointless filler. Didn’t Nyah seem like you could confuse her pretty easily as well? The mere mention of going *willingly* back to Mars with her got her totally sidetracked. Plus, every woman in the film was a functioning retard that only cared about being in love with some idiot jackass. Hazel Court fell madly in love with that chuckle-head in 5 minutes! It’s not difficult to tear some movies apart & I don’t mean to seem like this doesn’t have some appeal, it had its moments. But I don’t see a rewatch in my future any time soon. All in all, I’m glad that I was finally able to dust it off & cross it off my To-Be-Watched list.COSDS - Devil Girl from Mars00022

You know what occurs to me though? This would be the ideal movie for a remake. The concept of women forcefully taking men to use/mate with is super-hot & if it was made with the right cast & the right director? It could be a deliciously sleazy romp that would tent your pants & curl your toes.

D/J: Despite being a mild test of our patience, Devil Girl From Mars isn’t a complete waste of time. If you like 50s era B-movies with a science fiction slant, you’ll probably cum in your pants.

Official COSDS Nunspank Rating: NS-2

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