Byleth – El Demonio Del Incesto (Leopoldo Savona, 1972)

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In a small European town, licentious girls are being murdered via three curious puncture marks to the throat.  A young Duke returns to his ancestral estate to find that his sister whom he wants to bang with great ferocity has married an older man in his stead. Could the troubled duke be possessed by an ancient incestuous demon & committing these heinous acts?
Byleth is an odd little obscurity that’s kind of hard to categorize. On one hand it plays like a European Gothic love story and on the other it’s pretty sleazy with the gratuitous nudity and unconventional subject matter.  Many have written that it’s a nonsensical mess when in actuality there’s just not a whole lot going on. The film is fairly disjointed, oft times feeling like two films crudely slotted together in an attempt to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible. The result is it will appeal to very few.Byleth-25286-2529
Lionello (Mark Damon; Black Sabbath) – the Duke of being a little ponce and running away whenever confronted with a difficult situation – has it pretty rough. He’s got a pretty hot sister, Barbara (Claudia Gravy; Justine de Sade), that he wants to bang so bad you can taste it and she seems to have led him on since childhood that one day that would consummate their forbidden love, only to wait until he leaves and marry an older man by the name of Giordano (Aldo Bufi Landi; Four Flies on Grey Velvet). Much lamentation ensues, as Lionello continues to try and convince his sister to let him bed her, meanwhile she looks remorseful then proceeds to bang her husband while Lionello peeps on them from the closet. Eventually, Barbara reveals that Lionello is possibly possessed by Byleth – the Demon of Incest (cue fanfare) and had probably been since childhood. Some priests muse about Byleth and they soon connect that since Byleth has some stupid three-bladed knife that perhaps this could be the root cause of the dead whores being throat fucked by hate. Lionelleo continues to flit about, peeping on a servant girl getting fucked in the stable and eventually is introduced to Giordano’s cousin, Floriana (Silvana Pompili). They hit it off until yet another awkward situation occurs causing our beloved Duke to freak out and flee the scene. Eventually Lionello confronts Byleth (who just looks like Lionello with a cape) in some fucking weird portal through a painting (a la Stendhal Syndrome). Byleth ends as abruptly as it starts, like a stifled whimper in the night.Byleth-25282-2529
Byleth isn’t without its charms. The film is beautifully photographed, taking advantage of the lush scenery and brooding gothic architecture of the surrounding villas. Fans of Eurosleaze will be happy to note that there are several sleazy sex scenes and the ladies for the most part hold their own in the buxom beauties department. There’s very little gore or violence to speak of – the murder scenes are somewhat lurid but the actual effects are merely some red paint smeared around on the girls’ necks and are over quite quickly. The performances by one and all involved are solid – there was definitely a fair bit of talent poured into this production as is evident by the casting – sadly it appears that they were banking on subject matter over substance.Byleth-25288-2529
The X-Rated Kult DVD is a decent release, hindered by obviously flawed source materials. The picture is grainy and rough albeit nothing out of the ordinary for an obscure title like this. There are a couple scenes of note where the Italian audio was damaged and the German scenes had to be substituted in for continuity but they don’t prove overly problematic.
Byleth is a worthy diversion for those looking for a little bit of Eurosleaze  with their nonsensical Gothic melodramas.
Byleth has plenty of naked sluts.
Brother and sister express their unholy love.
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