Back with a Bang!

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Jesus! This upgrade was a fucking BEAST! (& not the hot Borowczyk kind!) Between having to reinsert Every. Single. Fucking. Picture. Manually. & getting used to a whole new platform that gave us control over the finest details… which was initially exhilarating but quickly lead to exhaustion. (particularly when one of us (ok, me) is a thick-headed, perfectionist asshole)

Raz & I had at least 6 knock-down drag-out fights over the dumbest bullshit just trying to make the site be as good as we knew it could be. If we weren’t the best of friends this would have broken us. Thankfully, we’re the same kind of fucked-up quicksand; once you’re in all the way, you ain’t gettin’ out. You guys have no idea what we go through for you.

confessional 1


We have some cool new features  – we’ve added The Confessional which is where we’d like to encourage communication with all of you. You can comment, talk to us about movies, strike up convo, tell us to fuck off- anything you want! Use it! We’d love to talk to you!

Everything has been touched up & given a spit-shine so please dig around & check the site out. We have added some cool carousel image sliders at the tops of some of our posts so that you can get a really nice feel for the film by checking out our often inordinate amount of screencaps.

We have A LOT on the horizon – some really cool interviews, our annual Halloween Boo-kkake Spooktacular is just around the corner & we’re gearing up to drop some awesome contest-giveaways!




We hope you like the new-improved Church of Splatter-Day Saints and we thank you for your patience & patronage!


Now get over to that Confessional & talk to us!



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5 Responses

  1. Wow- Beautiful site !
    I had thought about going over to WordPress , but I’m not sure now after reading about your experiences :). Speaking as an outsider though, sure looks to be worth it as this is REALLY something special – looking forward to future posts !

    • Thanks, Dick! It was absolutely worth the hassle; you should do it!
      Really appreciate the feedback! You’re awesome! Thanks for all your support!
      Could I use any more exclamation points? Whee!

    • Thanks, yo! You should definitely join us over here on the dark side. As Nom said, it’s worth it.

  2. Site looks wicked, in the amazing and evil sense!

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