Beverly Hills, 90210: Season Three (1992-1993)

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    Ep. 1 “Misery Loves Company”  – Alright kids, we kick things off with the tension-filled leftovers from last season! Brenda is forbidden to see Dylan so she does what any doe-eyed teenager in love would do and sneaks … Continued

Midnight (John A. Russo, 1982)

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A girl hitch-hiking away from her lecherous step-daddy runs afoul of some backwoods Satanists in this low-budget, pedestrian outing. Hardcore Romero nerds rejoice. Duane: This is one that’s been on my “to watch” list for a while now, so admittedly … Continued

Vice Squad (Gary Sherman, 1982)

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A hooker gets forced into teaming up with vice detectives to catch an out of control pimp who’s killed his last prostitute. Vice Squad is one of those movies that I can pop in pretty much any time and enjoy. … Continued

The Pit (Lew Lehman, 1981)

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A lecherous pre-teen loner finds and feeds the mysterious creatures that reside in a hidden pit in the wilderness. This movie is fucking awesome. I have heard a lot of people talk shit about this film – suggesting that it’s … Continued

Savage Weekend (David Paulsen, John Mason Kirby, 1979)

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We’ve been wanting to hook up with our buddy Murph’ from Basement Screams to write a joint review for awhile, unfortunately scheduling conflicts plagued the process until now.  Of course, we wanted to do something new to all of us so in … Continued

Pet Sematary 2 (Mary Lambert, 1992)

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  Holy shit this month was an ass-kicker! 31 movies in 31 days was a hell of a lot of work, but it felt pretty damn good to push ourselves. We’ll be taking at least a week off to decompress, … Continued

Among Friends (Danielle Harris, 2012)

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A group of friends get together for a 1980s prom-themed murder-mystery-whodunit dinner party that quickly reveals itself to be a bit more than they bargained for. Initially I was pretty excited by the concept of this movie. As a lover … Continued

Ed Gein (aka In the Light of the Moon) (Chuck Parello, 2000)

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This is, without a doubt, the most accurate biographical crime/drama/thriller about the notorious grave-robbing, mother-worshipping, cannibal artist-of-death, Ed Gein. I love this fucking movie. This is coming from someone who has had a fascination with true-crime since I was forcibly … Continued

Alcoholocaust or How Bronchitis Anally Raped My Boo-kkake Plans and Filled Me with a Thick Load of Depression due to Low Blood Alcohol a.k.a. From Dusk til Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (Scott Spiegel, 1999)

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So, yea. It was my bright idea to do 31 days of horror and my better half, the man who is always supportive of even the slightest motivation I have (“Yay! You’re gonna take a bath today!! Woohoo!) accepts responsibility … Continued

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