Another Day, Another Man (Doris Wishman,1966)

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Expect plenty of this…
When a married couple finally starts making enough money to be together, they get an apartment and soon the husband takes ill and can no longer work. Since the wife had to quit her job because her boss wouldn’t allow married women in his office (Ha!) she turns to her former roommate’s chosen vocation and starts prostituting herself at night in order to make the rent.
I’ve seen a few of Wishman’s films and they’re all pretty inept. They’re poorly written, the camerawork is fucked with long lingering shots of nothing… a plant, an ashtray, the corner of a chair, another plant…. and the dialogue and acting is as wooden as can be. But let’s face it, these are sleazy films meant to showcase ladies in their underwear doing random things and Another Day, Another Man is no exception.
…with a liberal dash of this
The extremely thin plot is littered with plenty of visuals in the form of ok looking ladies getting undressed. There’s not really any nudity, but I will say there’s quite a bit of hot heel/stockings action to be had here, not to mention scads of scenes of the ladies in lingerie, girdles, etc. Quite often the camera is just zoomed on the ladies feet while people talk, or their shoes…. I have to say I was quite entertained. The set pieces are pretty much exactly the same as Bad Girls Go to Hell (another Wishman “classic”) right down to the furniture. This one does have a lot more sleazy gratuity than Bad Girls Go to Hell and I found it to be more entertaining as a result. One can never go wrong with some sexy stocking-clad feet… if you’re into that sort of thing (my extensive research suggests that only communists and the simple-minded aren’t).
There’s not a lot of substance here, but if you dig on ladies in stockings and heels it’s certainly worth a visit. As an added bonus there’s a pretty amusing scene where a john beats the ever living shit out of the main girl’s roommate, in poorly-shot takes… but conceptually quite brutal. There also a very nice scene involving a set of twins that molest a man with tons of shots of their heeled feet rolling around on the ground with him… magical stuff. Doris Wishman is the Jess Franco of creepy lingering foot shots… and this obviously isn’t a bad thing.


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