American Mary (Jen & Sylvia Soska, 2012)

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A “broke” med student (who lives in a nice apartment and never has a shortage of lingerie or dresses and does her residency in 5” heels) falls ass backward into surgical body-modification-for-hire. She gets raped, gets revenge and then the entire movie falls apart.
American-Mary-25281-2529Duane: I don’t even know where to begin here. The sophomore effort by Jen and Sylvia Soska (the “Twisted Twins”) is an exercise in exactly how NOT to make a decent horror film. Clearly these pretentious asshats have plenty to say, they just have no idea how to communicate it effectively. One part heavy-handed attempt at demonizing the objectification of women, one part Frankenstein-esque character study, American Mary promises a lot and delivers nothing… apart from a veritable cavalcade of people expressing their collective individuality through body modification and leering at the camera… edgy! In fact I’ll go as far as saying that the “Twisted Twins” are a perfect example of why the world hates Canada….or at least never takes them seriously; like a petulant child tugging at your shirt sleeve, desperately seeking affirmation of their relevance while simultaneously being as unremarkable as humanly possible. Hell they even cast themselves into the movie as a pair of eccentric twin divas looking for the most extreme of body modifications, naturally. After all… they’re individuals just like everyone else.  Not only does the film waste a ton of potential (I fail to see the point of promising all these scenes of clandestine backroom surgeries only to have almost all of it take place off-screen) but I found the film to be quite condescending as well; almost like they felt these images were far too graphic to even consider depicting.

Jocelyn:  This movie eats a gigantic bag of dicks. It had promise, but unfortunately the Soska sisters seem to think that making a movie consists of showing you “sexy” imagery and making lame attempts to shock. I have no idea how it was even billed as a horror movie because if anything it’s a rape/revenge flick with some stupid body mods thrown in. The writing was piss-poor, the acting wasn’t much better and the entire god damned film falls apart after she gets her revenge. It actually felt to me like they went out of their way to objectify women, as if to use every feminine wile to get noticed vs. getting noticed on merit which is just fucking debasing. The whole time I watched this I was so fucking aware that they were female directors – I shouldn’t know your god damned sex when I’m watching your film. They approached the direction of this movie as if they were insecure girls going clubbing on Friday night and they did everything they could to get noticed for all the wrong reasons. It makes me sick that I’ve heard rumblings of this being a feminist horror film because this is as feminist as a sluttied-up school-girl trying to sell me a box of kiddie porn and condoms. I’ve not seen ‘Dead Hooker In A Trunk’ but if ‘American Mary’ is indicative of what to expect I will be taking a big fucking pass.

American-Mary-25283-2529D: Yeah no shit, they saved me some time and effort there; Dead Hooker can eat a bowl of fuck. You’re right about them going out of their way to objectify women and then they turn around and attempt to demonize the concept simultaneously – I felt they were trying really hard to make me ashamed for being male considering almost every guy in this movie is a complete scumbag. This whole project was a bad idea from the outset. It feels like they were just making it up as they went along. There’s not much else to say about it. This film was about as fun as a spiteful child yelling in your face. I hope the Soska sisters get hit by a bus.
J: I think part of my hatred too is due to the way that they represent themselves; as if the most important thing about them is their fucking twats. Well, that and how totally-OMG-outrageously-unique-and-weird-and-wild they are! Be better directors, write better scripts, give us something to sink our teeth into instead of making a sexier ‘Strangeland and having the audacity to act as though it’s ground-breaking because you have a vagina. Can you hear my eyes rolling? Good.
Aren’t they TWISTED? OMGZ!!!

D/J: American Mary will appeal to you if you are a pretentious douchebag who gets off on other pretentious douchebags perpetuating their insecurities. Everyone else should steer clear. Don’t believe the hype.   

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